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Whether youre crossing the nullarbor or the pacific, youll have reliable coverage on the other 90% of the earth with the worlds only truly global network. We are actively adding new content all the time, so if you cant find what youre looking for, please feel free to contact us or use the live chat for immediate assistance. We like the gaia maps but dont like that it uses up our iphone battery to communicate with the satellites. Pair your inreach satellite communication device with the earthmate app to get all the features you. Many pilots have come to depend on their iphone for most of. Bluetoothing inreach to gaia app on iphone gaia gps.

Javascript must be enabled in order to use this site. Choose inreach to send and receive messages to mobile numbers, email addresses and social networks from the palm of your hand. Earthmate app extends the power of inreach to mobile devices. First thing is to download the free app earthmate, this will allow you to download delorme maps and control the inreach using bluetooth. On the inreach device, select settings bluetooth pair device pair device. The delorme inreach satellite communicators are affordable, twoway, satellite communications devices. Delormes inreach twoway satellite communicator gets ios. Place the inreach device and your mobile device within 3 m 10 ft. The earthmate app can be paired and used with an inreach device to send messages to phone numbers.

The inreach is the first affordable, twoway, satellite communications device ever. Choose inreach to send and receive messages to mobile numbers, email addresses and social networks from the palm of. How to pair your gamin inreach to your iphone via bluetooth. Delorme also gives you handheld gps device functions while spot, even spot x, is basically only for messaging. By pairing your mobile device via bluetooth technology with inreach, the earthmate app turns your mobile device into a true offthegrid satellite companion. I havent activated the inreach yet because the dates i need it arent within 30 days quite yet. If you are planning to go on an adventure anytime soon, inreach is the perfect device to keep you in communication outside of cell phone coverage. With inreach satellite technology from garmin and an active satellite subscription 1, you can stay in touch globally. Enter your explore account information into the earthmate app to log in. Or when paired you get enhanced sendandreceive text messaging, inreach can be paired with an iphone, ipad, ipod touch, and android phones and tablets. To plan routes, waypoints and more, visit the explore portal at and choose the map tab. Please enable javascript in your browser and refresh the page. Startup procedure just like with any other satellite equipment, we need a clear view of the. Delorme inreach twoway satellite communicator for ios, android.

They offer peace of mind to your loved ones, and twoway communication with search and rescue teams, rangers, and medical professionals. A phone and an inreach is all a guy needs for navigation and keeping in contact anymore. The earthmate mobile app, when paired with compatible inreach devices, provides a fullfeatured gps navigation experience thats as. Use it alone, and its a revolutionary survival device.

Click allow to give the earthmate app to access your location data when you are not using the app. Click here for instructions on how to pair an inreach original to an ios device. Rugged, reliable outdoor gps watches with optional tactical features. Ensure the ios device and the inreach unit are paired with one another. Its perfect for planning, tracking and sharing your trip anywhere around the globe. Twoway messaging, interactive sos, global coverage and. This is where youll find helpful answers to commonly asked questions, and the latest news. With the paid earthmate app on the phone it has all the capabilities of a gps as a stand alone unit plus the added benefit of the phone texting capabilities when bluetoothed to the inreach. Sep 04, 2019 the delorme inreach and spot x will give you verification that your sos has been received while the spot gen3 will not. Halfway through my in and out trip, i sent some status messages. Safely and rapidly charge your delorme inreach explorer with our tipexchange enabled international charging kit anywhere in the world. Earthmate provides a robust navigation platform for your smartphone or tablet. Roam far and wide without worrying your loved ones. Delormes inreach twoway satellite communicator gets ios support.

The new inreach pairs with an iphone to enable tracking and texting anywhere. At the end of the trip, the inreach was on 94% battery and my iphone. Delorme inreach the inreach is a device that functions like the. You can send and receive messages, navigate your route, track and share your journey and, if necessary, trigger an sos to get help from a 247 global emergency response coordination center via the 100% global iridium satellite network. Pair your inreach satellite communication device with the earthmate app to get all the features you need to send and receive text messages, navigate and stay connected during your outdoor adventures. The earthmate app is a free download from the apple. May 23, 2012 if youre an iphone or ipad owner, you might have been disappointed that the delorme inreach twoway gps communicator launched with app support only for android users. The features are many and the two standouts are the ability to send and receive. Youll be able to use all the features of your inreach, access your phones address book to make staying in touch even easier and navigate using free maps. Use your iphone in flight with the delorme inreach ipad.

Delorme has discontinued the spot satellite communicator in favor of their own product, the delorme inreach, which offers twoway communication and works as a standalone device or can connect with the pn60w or with the iphone or android smartphones. Delorme pioneered the inreach line of affordable twoway satellite communication devices for the consumer, enterprise, and government markets. Beyond the classic 10 essentials, modern sos devices like our top pick, the garmin inreach mini provide a larger boost to your overall outdoor safety than any other gear available. If it is your first time opening the app you will be prompted to pair your inreach device on the first screen presented. If youre an iphone or ipad owner, you might have been disappointed that the delorme inreach twoway gps communicator launched with. Send and receive freeform, 160character text messages outside of cell phone range. Also, the delorme page allows you to view waypoints across a custom date range. I current use a bad elf for gps tracking and was looking to get the garmin for its satellite communication benefits and was wondering if itd also be able to replace the bad elf as my gps tracking. Follow the instructions in the earthmate app to complete the pairing and setup process. With inreach satellite technology from garmin and a satellite subscription, you can stay in touch globally. Blog careers connect iq garmin connect garmin express garmin pros garmin technology inreach account shop all sales women of adventure. The declaration of conformity made under directive 19995ec hg nr.

Stay connected with satellite technology in locations without cell phone coverage. Or put another way, what does onx provide that earthmate doesnt. I put the iphone into aircraft mode, then reenabled bluetooth. Premium multisport gps watches in 3 sizes offer heart rate, pulse ox, routable maps, pace guidance, music and more. Connects with iphone, ipad, ipod touch and android smartphones. Follow the instructions in the related faqs for your inreach. Jul 02, 2015 it seems to me that i could either a cover my emergencyonly needs acr resqlink or spot gen3 and then bring a standalone gps considering the garmin oregon or b opt for a delorme device considering the delorme inreach 1. I carry one or two 10,000mah power packs to recharge all my gear, when im off the grid. The inreach uses the iridium satellite network, it has 100% global service, with no gaps, no degraded or fringe coverage areas. The inreach explorer is a 2way satellite text messenger plus a handheld gps unit. Once earthmate is registered, your data will seamlessly sync. Whats more, earthmate is included with your purchase of any inreach satellite communicator. For even more messaging convenience and navigation capability, download the free earthmate app and use bluetooth to pair inreach with your compatible apple, or android device 1. Delorme inreach twoway satellite communicator now connects with iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

Use your iphone in flight with the delorme inreach ipad pilot news. The earthmate app is a free download from the apple app store. The earthmate ios app must be paired to an inreach device to send a message. Page 33 eu regulatory conformance delorme hereby declares that this inreach device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of directive 19995ec, directive 200295ec, and directive 200296ec. Wed like to use the inreach which has an exceptional battery life as the communicator with the satellites and then have it. May 22, 2012 this innovation makes it possible for iphone, ipad and ipod touch to access an array of twoway satellite communications capabilities with the inreach and the delorme earthmate app. Tap the connect button to begin and follow the instructions provided. The unit has been quite durable, except for the plastic screen, which i managed to scratch. Garmin inreach satellite communication garmin united states. Functionality is enabled by the free earthmate app, available from the itunes app store. Got pretty wet and cold on some recent winter rides and realized, because of the remote locations, that hypothermia would really complicate a lengthy selfextraction if i broke any major bones. Download earthmate and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

The inreach for smartphone is compatible with iphone 3gs, 4, 4s and 5, as well as well as ipod touch 3rd and 4th generation and all versions of ipad. Satphonestore tough case for garmin inreach, delorme inreach, globlastar spot x. Delorme inreach twoway satellite communicator now connects. Just got the inreach explorer and earthmate app on my phone. Outside of owning a satellite phone, its one of the only ways to have twoway communications with friends, family, and emergency services outside of cell service. Garmin inreach satellite communication garmin united. The garmin inreach explorer formerly delorme inreach is a musthave in your pack.

With explore and inreach, you can communicate, map, track, and share your trek from anywhere on earth. We have an inreach explorer and are wondering if we can bluetooth it to the gaia app on our iphone. Updating inreach firmware and syncing account changes with. Its about the size and weight of a smartphone, but much, much more durable. Well, i went on a 6 hour trip, put my inreach into tracking mode, switched on my iphone and started the earthmate app. Sending an inreach message with an ios device garmin support. They offer peace of mind to your loved ones, and twoway communication with search and rescue teams, rangers, and.

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