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You also receive discounts on entry tickets to many of barcelonas main attractions. Metro barcelona lineas, estaciones, mapa, horario y. L1 line 1, red, l2 line 2, purple, l3 line 3, green, l4 line 4, yellow, l5 line 5, blue. Risparmiare sul costo dei mezzi pubblici e molto semplice, infatti acquistando le tessere sconto come hola bcn in versione 2, 3, 4 e 5 giorni e barcellona card potrete usufruire del trasporto illimitato e godere di visite gratuite o scontate in musei, attrazioni, e tanto altro.

In metro barcelona we want to offer all the maps that could be of interest for the metro users. Barcelona metro map barcelonas excellent public transportation system consists of 7 airconditioned metro lines, as well as suburban rail lines and additional train lines that are part of. Each line can be identified by its number or colour. Barcellona offre una rete di mezzi pubblici davvero efficienti ad ogni ora della giornata. Please send us an email if you have any personal creation and want to share it on this web. Map barcelona tourist bus mapa bus barcelona, bus nocturno. Get cheaper tourist bus tickets you save almost 3 euros per ticket, if you buy them on this website. To view the map in high definition can also download a map of barcelona tourist bus in pdf format. Vous pouvez le mettre en favoris avec ce permalien. The barcelona metro map was last updated in february 2020. Bcn metro map accessible january 2020 stations adapted.

It was extended with new stations in the year 2011, and had 166 tube stations along 125 km 77. We are going there for 4 days next week and will probably. This page is optimized to print the schedule, busstops and bus. Podras encontra libros sobre informatica, cocina, matematicas, historia, autoayuda, psicologia, medicina y muchos mas, igual contamos con revistas actuales y tutoriales.

Sep 27, 2014 bus map line 19 in barcelona port vellsant genis updated on september 27, 2014 here are all the data related to public bus line 19 in barcelona, if you want to see other lines visit our index of all public bus routes in barcelona or the index of all kinds of bus in barcelona. The map shows both tmb, fgc and tram lines in zone 1 which cover the city centre. Tmb lines are l1, l2, l3, l4, l5, l9 and fgc metro lines are l6, l7, l8 along with the tram lines t1 to t4. This map was created by vinals with a creative commons license and edited by in february 2020 with the latest changes. The barcelona card entitles you to unlimited transport on the metro underground, buses and trams in barcelona city centre.

This page is optimized to print the schedule, busstops and bus map best. That means each of barcelonas 1,615,908 residents has an average of 28. Barcelona metro map of barcelona, metro, tram, train and. Metro di barcellona orari notturni, prezzi, abbonamenti. In this update the southern stretch of the line 9 was opened, connecting the zona universitaria with the airport terminals. On this page youll find a barcelona metro map that will help you plan you route with the tmb and fgc metro transport system. Barcelona metro map, year 2017, travel, disabled, disabled. I understand that the best metro ticket is a t10 allowing you 10 journeys for 2 or more people. Metro barcelona lineas, estaciones, mapa, horario y tarifas. Is that 10 journeys each, or if there are 2 of you 5 journeys.

The tourist bus is a good way to see the main sights of barcelona, in a quick manner. Barcelona metro map, year 2017, travel, disabled, disabled people, baggage, wheelchair, prams, babes prams. Metro map of barcelona updated 2020 mapa metro barcelona. Plan metro barcelone pdf barcelona plans du metroplans. The lines on the map that appear blurred or dotted correspond to the future extensions of the network, which are. Metro di barcellona orari notturni, prezzi, abbonamenti e mappa. Printable barcelona metro map showing all the tmb metro tramvia lines and stops in barcelona, spain.

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