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More recently, gardners research group has also begun to examine how the current generation of young people is being affected by the new digital mediaanother area ripe for investigation in terms of mi theory. Howard earl gardner born july 11, 1943 in scranton, pennsylvania is an american developmental psychologist who is based at harvard university. Howard gardner biography and theories verywell mind. He studied product design at university and is looking to combine that theory with. Theory and application hope phillips columbus state university abstract howard gardners theory of multiple intelligences has challenged the historical view of intelligence as a fixed quantity since he first published frames of mind in 1983. Gardner prefers to describe cognitive ability as a set of eight intelligences. He is currently the senior director of harvard project zero, and since 1995, he has been the codirector of the good project.

Howard earl gardner born july 11, 1943 is an american developmental psychologist and the john h. Beyond these three general categories, many theories of and approaches toward human potential have been developed. With responses by howard gardner project zero harvard. Howard gardner is a professor of education at harvard university, he is also a psychologist. Howard gardner multiple intelligence scholarship 2003 onwards, aspen university. The ones marked may be different from the article in the profile. Hobbs research professor of cognition and education at the harvard graduate school of education at harvard university.

Howard gardner, multiple intelligences and education. If i had only a few moments to give my personal biography, it would run like this. Howard gardners theory of multiple intelligences many of us are familiar with three general categories in which people learn. This cited by count includes citations to the following articles in scholar. Howard gardners multiple intelligence theory was first published in howard gardners book, frames of mind 1983, and quickly became established as a classical model by which to understand and teach many aspects of human intelligence, learning style, personality and behaviour in education and industry. Gardners early intellectual biography throws light on his frames of. In 1983 gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences. Howard gardners work around multiple intelligences has had a profound impact on thinking. Pdf on jan 1, 2005, john white and others published howard gardner.

Howard gardner s theory of multiple intelligences many of us are familiar with three general categories in which people learn. Finally, gardner has ventured into the policy arena, as in his recent book five minds for the future. Howard gardner is an american developmental psychologist, wellknown for his theory of multiple intelligences. It suggested that the original notion of intelligence based on an i.

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